Denver Art Museum, The Asian Collection, 5th Floor

What would it be like if we all spent even just one day with a person of great age and wisdom.  I will admit that not all people of great age are wise or enlightened.  But they at least have great experience.  And I also admit that old people can be cranky, but would not you be if your beauty was gone in a culture for which youth and beauty are its golden calf? Would not you be if everything in your body hurt?

I was recently called to the side of a mother and daughter.  One was of great age and the other of great responsibility.  They were working so hard to say good-bye and the intricacies of such a good-bye between mother and daughter were painful.  But they were both doing the best they could.

There could be more women in my life who were of great age and if there were I would be a better person.  I am half a century old and I have young people at church seeking out my wisdom – which can be painful since I do not want to begin to grow old.

Jesus never grew old.  But I have this sneaking suspicion that Jesus loved the old for their wisdom and well-earned humility.

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