This tomato kept my gaze for a long time recently before slicing it for a lunch.  Its beauty.  It color.  Its nourishment.  The tomato seems such a simple thing set here in a bunch of basil and soon to be covered in olive oil, sea salt, balsamic vinegar and then …eaten.

Every day I meet men who are experiencing homelessness.  It may be a short episode of only a few days after a job loss or it may be a chronic situation.  Once one has fallen into that situation, it is hard to climb back out. Logistics get in the way.  One thing leads to another – no address, no mail, no computer, no job search – you get the math.

I was looking hard at this tomato which had come to work with me for lunch one day. I was aware of its nutrition and of the life force it was lending me for my life force.  I was aware of how grateful I was to have the tomato, and the job which paid for it. And I would work hard to remember the flavor of it as I ate it (having lost taste and smell in an accident.)

We gain things.  We loose things.  We earn things.  We have things.  As I age and life seems to become slower and simpler, I am aware that gratitude for what we have – food, friends, employment, a home, a dog – gratitude for these simple things is grounding and is a kind of prayer.  It is easy to be moving too fast to see a tomato and to remember the blessing of it.

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