A meditation on what’s important

It feels like a million years ago that I was a busy Christian. What do I mean by that term?  My worldview was magical.  I believed that God literally counted, cared about, and tracked every hair on my head.  Nowadays, with substantially less hair, I have begun to rethink this way of being on the planet.  I still believe in God, everything on NPR, and some of what’s in the Bible.  But I no longer live on the razor’s edge of if God is furious with me and has a finger on the “Incinerate Charles LaFond” button on God’s dashboard, nor do I live on the other edge with God’s finger on the “Give Charles Whatever he asks for because he lives in a Christian nation and so, should be “blessed” with health and wealth while we make America Great Again” button. The first button has a small flame on it.  The second button has a small dollar bill in red, white, and blue on it set against the Walmart Logo (sponsored by…)

For me, the fires are relegated to my pottery glazes (love this new one!) and no longer to my status in the hands of an angry god.  And from my conversations with younger people, I am finding that “spiritual but not religious” is no longer a debate, because young people simply don’t even listen to the rants and raves of religious people, especially religious people who are paid to be religious and whose lifestyles are wrapped up in religious attending and funding.  (Though if you like church, go!) That argument is over, we are now just waiting a few decades for the church to be starved out of existence. That clock is ticking alongside global warming.

So, what are my ten commandments today?

  1. Sleep is the secret sauce of life and health, so rest and sleep.
  2. Water is what you are made of, so drink lots of it or, ache.
  3. As you age, stretch so that your body is pleasant to be inside of.
  4. If you stop making pots and laughing, ask yourself “What is going wrong in my life?”
  5. Plan your work and work your plan.
  6. Keep a gratitude list of at least three things every day.
  7. Keep your phone off each morning until after coffee and your youtube lessons.
  8. Turn off devices at 8:00 pm and get to sleep by 8:30 pm so that you have time for morning writing.
  9. Eat mostly vegetables, nuts, and seeds and exercise in the sun daily.
  10. Cultivate your friendship garden, since friends and your dog are your only treasure.

I know.  It’s eleven…but number twelve is “Stop worrying about church rules like “There are only ten commandments!”   I sometimes miss not coveting my neighbor’s ass.  But it’s time for me to choose my own commandments and not those of ancient old men or Charleton Heston.

What are your other ten commandments?

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